Market Commentary

Guessing on Market Direction

Market uncertainty

There has been a constant barrage of pundits all predicting where the stock market is going to go. There is no consensus. Many of these people are professional hedge fund managers, educators, or expert economists working for the big money houses i.e. Goldman Sacks, Wells Fargo, and so on.

All these experts are usually wrong. Even a broken clock gets the time right once every day. There will be one or more that get it right and they will be the ones that will be interviewed as calling the latest market direction.

Currently, one thing most of these so-called experts expect is some kind of pullback in stock prices. In several articles out recently they say the depth will be anywhere from 10% to 45% down from current prices. Only time will tell. It could be worse or better, no one knows.
Frankly, you would be a lot better served to listen to yourself, own companies that make money, and buy when the stock market falls.

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