Why is Technology Important?

As Independent Financial Advisors we are able to scour the marketplace for the best investment technology solutions to help our clients reach their financial goals and stay up to date on their current financial situation. We believe that great technology paired with professional financial advice creates superior outcomes. KPP Financial will always strive to offer the latest technology tools to uncover opportunities and solve our clients’ problems.

Invest for your Goals

Riskalyze is a cutting edge technology that pinpoints our clients’ acceptable level of risk with unparalleled accuracy. With Riskalyze, we can ensure that the risk in their portfolio aligns with their investment goals and expectations. 

Riskalyze is built on the academic framework that won the Nobel Prize for Economics.

The First Step to Financial Success is taking a short Risk Questionnaire, which will:

  1. Pinpoint your exact risk tolerance number
  2. Next we will analyze your current portfolio risk number based on the asset mix
  3. Then suggest changes to help achieve your goals

Risk alignment is an essential part of servicing our clients by reducing the chances of emotional financial decisions. Fear and Greed are the enemy we try and eliminate, in favor of logic and reason.

Take the Riskalyze Quiz

Riskalyze allows us to build successful portfolios by running stress test on various market outcomes along with targeting where risk concentrations lie within a particular allocation. This is an exercise we do for prospective and current clients in order to align their portfolios with the best investment strategies for their particular financial situation.

Today’s investment landscape is filled with more pitfalls than ever, so it’s important that we as independent financial advisors have a firm grasp of where a client is invested today and how we can advise them to move into a portfolio that is more aligned with their goals and comfort zone.

Develop a Strategy

One of the most important aspects of ones financial life that is often overlooked is creating a plan. Most fly by the seat of their pants and do not look at their investments or major financial decisions in context to their current and future money situation. That is why we deploy the latest online financial planning tools, such as Advizr.

This robust financial planning software allows us to model out a path to success for clients from now until any specified time in the future.


Advizr is a collaborative tool that allows clients to aggregate all their financial assets and liabilities in one place and specify any goals they wish to achieve. We then work with them to refine their plan and put them on the path to success.

This type of financial planning and analysis is achievable due to the robust feature set of Advizr, such as:

Integrated Client Portal

Live client portal with data aggregation Wizard.

Goal Setting

Instant collaboration across entire financial plan, down to individual action items and progress tracking.

Data Aggregation

From 20,000 institutions with full featured budgeting tools.

Document Vault

Private Client Vault for instantaneous upload/download and end-to-end encrypted secure document transfer/storage.

Sophisticated Planning Tools

Such as Retirement Stress Testing, Debt Optimization & Cash Flow Projections

Live Collaboration & Plan Document Creation

Advizr allows us to go beyond a simple financial planning calculator by helping clients model their complete path to reaching their goals. Every robo financial planning site today lacks the dynamism of the human touch that essential in helping someone stay the course through good times and bad.

Track your Success

Utilizing Black Diamond’s® Award Winning cloud platform, we have customized an experience that allows clients full access to view their account information anywhere, in an elegant and mobile friendly suite. This allows our clients to view all their investments in one place via smartphone, tablet or desktop, acting as their virtual financial advisor with 24/7 access. With the customized KPP Financial iPad app, clients can stay connected easily.

As our clients’ trusted financial advisor, it is important for us to be able to collaborate in real time by being able to see exactly the same information they see when logging into the KPP Financial Client Portal. This allows us to explain our strategy and customized plan in greater detail.

Black Diamond’s® software allows for dynamic client communication through a robust feature set such as:

KPP Financial Dashboard

Clients can login via our online dashboard built specifically for our clients.

TD Ameritrade Integration

Our TD Ameritrade clients can download their statements directly from their portal without signing in directly to the TD Ameritrade website.

Advizr Integration

Clients’ can view their financial plan in the portal so that they can understand their investments in context to their overall strategy and stay up to date on their progress.

Document Vault

A secure way to exchange and organize documents either by sending out regular quarterly statements or receiving documents from clients.

Robust Account Monitoring

  • Activity Summary – A high level overview of cash flows as well as gains or losses
  • Projected Income – View all future monthly income projections based on your account holdings
  • Transaction – See every detailed activity that happens with your account, with the ability to filter by type of activities
  • Allocation – Breaks down your holdings to give you a high level of understanding of your investments