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In a world that becomes more complex every day, our investment programs are designed to simplify the individual investment process. Our diversified portfolios transition as the global market environment dictates. We recognize that each individual has their own investment goals and risk tolerance, so no matter where your priorities lie, we have an investment strategy that fits your needs.

Following the crowd is the surest way to disappointing results.

Every single decision we make as a firm is working towards the benefit of our clients. Our winning investment approach is derived from decades of investment knowledge and a unique market perspective that ignores hype and capitalizes on opportunity.  Investing is an endeavor that is pursued by many, but perfected by none. The average investor is driven by media hype and the two most basic of human emotions, fear and greed. A true financial expert is an independent thinker who pursues information and truth without bias and never stops learning.

Disciplined Equity

Focused Growth for Maximum Returns

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Equity Income+

Dividend Investing with a Boost

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Stable Income

Steady Yield for the Risk Averse

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Dynamic Growth

Flexible Management for Optimum Returns

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Balanced Income

Ideal Blend of Growth and Interest

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Exceptional Professional Management to the Masses
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Unlike ‘robo’ investment services, Active401k™ does much more than simply rebalance your portfolio.
When the risk of loss is high, we reduce stock market holdings to minimal percentages, depending on the strategy that fits your risk tolerance.

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When you become a client of KPP Financial, we don't only help you select an investment program that aligns with your financial goals. We help you to become a smarter, well rounded participant in the financial market. 

By becoming a client you will receive the following benefits:

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Access to our information archive- filled with previous webinars, Economic Reports, Watch Lists, Chart Lessons and much more.

Free Attendance to our quarterly Webinars and Biannual Conference

 Access to Active401k™, the service that will help your 401(k) align with your financial goals ($120 yearly value).

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