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In order to make an informed decision about your personal finance you need to stay up to date with the current economic climate.

As a financial advice blog, Market Commentary strives to give you the information that you need in order to make informed decisions. We frame the economic news to be relevant so that you can make informed decisions just like financial planning professionals.

In today’s media hype driven world, investors need a place to turn to for straight talk about pertinent market news and events.It can be difficult to weed through the non-relevant news every day, to get the information that relevant to us. So Steve Peasley makes it easy for our listeners and clients’ to gain perspective and financial advice that is void of all the hype and gets straight to the point.

Steve delves into a range of topics like personal finance, market trends, regulatory changes, and company-specific news along with much more. Our goal is to empower the average investor - to be a place you turn to and trust for the best financial advice and perspective, so you can make truly informed decisions.

"InvestTalk Income Marketplace has been essential in keeping me up to date with market trends. It breaks down monthly and quarterly reports so that I learn exactly how the number effect me and my investments."