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Job Openings


There are many ways to look at the job conditions in the U.S. Most of the time the stock market concerns itself with the monthly jobs report coming from the government. Last week it showed, for September, a reduction of the unemployment rate to a 50 year low and we produced a modest number of new jobs.

However, the number of new jobs produced monthly has been falling this year but the job market is still very healthy. This morning came a new report from the Labor Department with statistics for August, therefore a look to the prior month of the recently released monthly jobs report, stated that the number of ‘job openings’ fell to a year and half low. You might be alarmed by that, but it fell from 7.17 to 7.05 million available jobs. I am not sure this means much for those looking for a job since there is about 5.8 million of those.

You can do the math.

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