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On the yearly cycle for the stock market September has been the worst month statistically, but the September that just ended was actually an up month. It wasn’t much of an up month but still it was up. October is assumed to be the worst month of the year because it has the dubious honor of having the deepest falls in stock prices over a one or two day period. On October 19th, 1987 the DOW fell 20%. At that time it was 500 points. This morning it also fell 500 points but that is 2%. At 26,040 for the DOW another 18% would be 4,687 more points to match the 1987 bloodletting. What would a 5,000 point drop do to investor confidence? For the record, the day after the 1987 collapse was the best day in history to buy stocks. Warren Buffet would be a buyer. His saying, ‘buy when there are sellers and sell when there are buyers” remains true.

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