Market Commentary

Permanent Changes

The reaction to the corvid virus has caused huge damage to the world economy. As bad as it is, the recovery is going to happen though maybe not as fast as we would like. However, there are some areas of the economy that have permanently changed.

Parts of the economy hit hardest are restaurants, theaters, professional sports, airlines, and all kinds of tourism. Part of these industries will be changed forever. There will be new cleaning standards implemented, many small restaurants will not reopen, and some people will be forever worried about being too close to others, thus their personal habits in spending and entertainment will change.

Another profound effect will be supply chains. China, the cause and source of the virus has proved itself untrustworthy in two ways. First, a dishonest culture failing to warn the world of the disease, and second the world realizing that the source of many materials is reliant on Chinese suppliers. Especially concerning medical and health products.

There will be changes some for the better, some not.

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