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Pfizer – 90% effective Vaccine

Pfizer - 90% effective Vaccine

With the Pfizer announcement of a 90% effective vaccine, covid 19 will be defeated. They have already manufactured millions of doses and that is just the start. Other companies have other vaccines that work differently that will be coming out soon. Covid 19 will be a thing of the past.

However, there will be other diseases, it is also possible that the covid 19 pathogen will mutate causing vaccines to be less effective. Also, as we have seen with Sarrs and West Nile diseases, we will be facing new challenges. It is hoped that we have learned from fighting Covid 19 that you just do not shut down the entire economy. Listening to the experts means other measures can be taken without shutting down everything. Sweden never shut down, and though like all of Europe they are having spikes in current cases, their death rate has dramatically been reduced compared to the first outbreak and they are still open. A vaccine will crush the virus. Thank God!