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Movement of stocks exceeding 200 points per day on the DOW has become common place starting in October. What this means is that investors should not get excited if the stock market moves up or down when it moves 300 to 400 points in a day.

Volatility is part of the market and it should not either frighten you or get you excited. You must look deeper. In October we had a 10% correction, considered to be a healthy retrenchment. However, there was no panic, and it was not broad based. The high flying FAANG stocks drove a significant amount of the correction.

Generally without a panic sell-off where volume of the number of trades spike, and the VIX spikes to 40 or higher and with almost all sectors participating this correction may not be over.  It would be a healthier correction if those things happened but maybe we will not see that kind of activity.


I would suggest patience. There is no hurry to buy this market.

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