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InvestTalk Academy

InvestTalk Academy is an online financial education course created to provide subscribers with knowledge and resources to elevate their financial literacy. 

Instructed by Justin Klein and Steve Peasley

What Makes InvestTalk Academy So Different?

At KPP Financial, we believe an informed investor means a successful investor. We created InvestTalk Academy to bridge the gap between the professional financial advisor and the public so that you can weave the tools we use every day into your personal investment strategies to experience the same success we share with our clients.  

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What You Will Learn

As a student, you will receive lessons on 10 key financial subjects.


You will learn how to think like a professional investor. You will achieve the skillsets to recognize patterns of fear and greed and how it affects the stock market and economy.

Saving and Planning

You will learn how to use various retirement vehicles and understand how to maximize them to ensure wealth accumulation.

Portfolio Building

You will learn how to build a well-diversified portfolio by attaining the ability to identify and buy key stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, fixed income instruments, and more.

Quantitative Analysis

You will learn how to interpret company reports and estimates, how to evaluate different types of companies and industries, and how to understand the affect they have on stock prices.

Qualitative Analysis

You will learn about the relationship between management skills and the performance of a company and its corresponding affect on the stock price.

Technical Analysis

You will learn the art of chart reading. You will achieve the skillsets to identify key buy and sell points for individual stocks, broad indexes, and more.

Economic Analysis

You will learn how to differentiate between leading and lagging economic indicators, how to interpret data and the impact of the economic cycle, and what role the Federal Reserve and political climate plays on stock prices.

Real Estate

You will learn the best use of leverage when buying property along with the corresponding tax laws that complicate the investment.

Fixed Income

You will learn how to define fixed income investments, how they work, and when they are appropriate as an investment. You will achieve an understanding of the different components of corporate bonds, their ratings, and the affect of interest rates on them.

Common Pitfalls

You will learn how to identify and avoid con artists, scams, penny stocks, common mistakes, and other areas of risk an investor faces.


Over 70 recorded professional lessons in finance and investing 


30-day 100% money-back guarantee 


Revisit the lessons anytime you like.

Want to Know More About What You'll Be Learning?

Get an in-depth look at our approach to finance and investing.