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InvestTalk™ serves as the leading financial education platform, providing unbiased insights and comprehensive strategies to help investors navigate the complexities of stock selection and financial planning, empowering informed decisions on the path to financial success.

Hosted by Justin Klein and Luke Guerrero

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Meet Your Hosts

Since 1998, InvestTalk has continuously evolved into the go-to radio show and podcast for all things finance. Dedicated to providing unbiased and straightforward analysis, Justin Klein began hosting InvestTalk's radio show in 2006. In 2023, Luke Guerrero joined as a co-host, bringing fresh insights and expertise. Through Klein and Guerrero's leadership and financial knowledge, InvestTalk has grown to become one of the most listened-to podcast shows, boasting over 50 million downloads.

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Market Rotation_InvestTalk Podcast
Daily Focus Point

Market Rotation: Small-Caps Surge, Tech Giants Tumble

A major shift in the stock market is unfolding as small-cap stocks surge while the "Magnificent Seven" tech giants face a significant selloff. How will the recent market shakeup, triggered by cooler inflation data, affect your investment strategy?

   Shelby Unger

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