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InvestTalk™ serves as your go-to educational platform to delve into the intricate factors influencing your journey towards achieving financial success. Whether offering insights on uncovering promising stocks or elucidating comprehensive financial planning tactics, InvestTalk consistently delivers impartial investment guidance, untainted by bias or external influences.

Hosted by Justin Klein, Steve Peasley, and now Luke Guerrero

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Join Us for InvestTalk Wealth Webinar

Join InvestTalk Host Justin Klein and KPP Financial Portfolio Manager Luke Guerrero as they explore the critical aspects of quality investing and why it's essential to look beyond high dividend yields.

📅 Date: June 11th

Time: 1:00-2:00 pm PST

🎙️ Title: "Quality Investing: Digging Deeper Than Dividends"

Ask Your Questions

Talk directly with Justin, Luke or Steve during the LIVE stream show or leave your question on our 24-hour VOICE BANK.

Live Stream

Get daily analysis from Justin, Luke or Steve in real time.  Click the link below to listen during the weekday LIVE stream from 4:03 pm - 5 pm Pacific time. 

Podcast Focus Point

Cost of Capital: A Reality Check on High-Flying Stock Returns  Rather than trying to guess which stocks might provide next year's outsize returns or getting caught up in a cycle of fear and greed, it is better to set reasonable long-term expectations and then track progress toward your financial goals.
(Airs: Thursday 5/23)

Portfolio Review

Experience an in-depth analysis of your portfolio and pave the way to financial success. Take advantage of a complimentary portfolio review with one of our esteemed leadership team members. 

Simply fill out our portfolio review form, and a dedicated team member will promptly contact you to arrange a convenient virtual meeting. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into your investment strategy!

Meet Your Hosts

Since 1998,  Steve Peasley and Justin Klein have continuously elevated InvestTalk into becoming the go-to radio show and podcast for all things finance.  Dedicated to providing un-biased and straightforward analysis, Steve Peasley began hosting InvestTalk 's radio show in 1998 before then adding Justin Klein as a co-host in 2006. Through Peasley and Klein's leadership and financial expertise, InvestTalk has grown to become one of the most listened to podcast shows, boasting over 50 million downloads. 

Discover more about Steve and Justin's background. 

Risk Questionnaire

Are you a conservative, moderate, or aggressive investor? 

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