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Not only do we utilize the latest investment technology when conducting research, but we also deploy the industry’s leading cloud based tools which allow us to deliver easy to understand answers to our clients in a convenient package.


Choosing an investment advisor can be a difficult task due to the complexities of the industry. As a boutique independent financial advisor, we are able to streamline our communication and allow clients unparalleled access to our advisors.

Parallel Investing

Parallel Investing is a simple concept that provides assurance that our decisions, on behalf of our clients, are free from conflicts of interest. This assures that our clients share in our success, as they become our parallel investment partners.

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In a world where media pushes hype and hyperbole (the success of Tesla and Snapchat for instance), InvestTalk (TM) is the place for straight talk and independent investment advice. We discuss relevant current market events, how to create a successful investment strategy and of course important topics brought by our listeners that matter to the everyday person. Call our anytime listener line at 888-99-CHART to ask your question live or leave a message to be answered on an upcoming show. Whether you are an active caller or a passive listener, InvestTalk will help you make better money decisions by having better objective market perspective and more refined investing knowledge.
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"Am I Invested Properly?"

 The answer to that age old question starts with understanding your personal risk tolerance level. Start down the path to Financial Freedom by taking our Award Winning Risk Analysis Quiz. It only takes a few minutes!

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Planning at your Fingertips

Advizr is a robust financial planning software allows us to easily model out a direct path to success for clients. From the moment they start until any specified time in the future.

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Dynamic Growth

Flexible Management for Optimum Returns

This strategy employs KPP’s unique market expertise to navigate every market environment.

Balanced Income

Ideal Blend of Growth and Interest

By identifying undervalued assets, we accommodate investors who have a lower risk tolerance but desire some exposure to stock market growth.

Disciplined Equity

Focused Growth for Maximum Returns

Combining fundamental and technical analysis, our strategy filters through stocks based on business quality, chart strength and underlying value.

Equity Income+

Dividend Investing with a Boost

By adding consistent income from dividends and option premiums, we are able to create a moderately aggressive strategy.

Stable Income

Steady Yield for the Risk Averse

Using our extensive experience investing in the bond markets, we created this strategy to provide clients an opportunity to invest in quality fixed income securities with an emphasis on safety of principal and income optimization.

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"Our approach uses disciplined financial analysis that exploits market opportunities."

Justin Klein, CEO of KPP Financial

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Get a second opinion on your current financial picture or more information about our investment programs. Our consultations are completely free and are designed to help guide each individual towards their ultimate financial goals.
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In an industry populated by self-serving institutions, we strive to be the antithesis. Our principles originate from observing that some big Wall Street firms consistently put client interests behind their own. At KPP financial, every decision we make as a firm is directed towards the benefit of our clients. Our winning investment approach is derived from decades of investment knowledge and a unique market perspective.

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