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Independent Thinking, Shared Success

KPP Financial is a multi-faceted independent financial advisory firm that gathers the best talent to elevate your investment strategies. We offer a diverse set of services nationwide - including quality investment programs, superior educational services, and premier retirement planning.

Why KPP Financial?

While larger firms serve a valuable purpose, clients are often left with high fees and little interaction with their advisors. As a boutique firm, you gain full access to our leadership team, are given 100% fee transparency, and have a firm that holds itself accountable by investing its own money the same way we invest yours - a term we coined parallel investing.

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Our Investment Programs

Explore KPP Financial's superior investment programs. Take our Risk Questionnaire to determine your risk tolerance, and see which investment program is right for you.

1. The Aggressive Investor

Focused on maximizing returns through flexible management and focused growth, our aggressive strategies provide consistent exposure to high-quality companies and asset classes to help achieve your financial goals. 

2. The Moderate Investor

Focused on value-oriented diversification and dividend and option income, our moderate strategies provide decent exposure to the market while simultaneously providing safeguards to protect from further risk. 

3. The Conservative Investor

Focused on investing in quality fixed-income securities to create steady yields, our conservative program emphasizes limiting interest rate risk for the more risk-averse investor. 


Our Educational Services

Explore the wide range of educational possibilities offered by KPP Financial, designed to enhance your personal investment strategies. Gain comprehensive insights into the realm of finance through guidance from our leadership team.

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InvestTalk Podcast

With a remarkable count of more than 50 million downloads, the InvestTalk Podcast offers listeners the chance to engage in live discussions, calling in to inquire about their most pressing financial inquiries.

KPP Financial Premium Newsletter

Our Premium Newsletter provides leading insights straight from our leadership team, giving subscribers exclusive access to independent thought and economic analysis, delivered straight to their inbox.

InvestTalk Academy

InvestTalk Academy is an online financial education course created to provide its students with knowledge and resources to elevate their financial literacy.

Office Hours

Office Hours provides subscribers with exclusive weekly hour-long sessions filled with in-depth market analysis and live Q/A with KPP Financial's CEO and President: Justin Klein.

Our Financial Outcomes

Our services are all-encompassing and result-oriented. Discover the financial outcomes from partnering with KPP Financial.

1. Premier Retirement Solutions

Working with our leadership team, you will receive a customized retirement plan, unique to your own individual financial needs, to ensure your future is in good hands. 

2. Income Generation

By partnering with KPP Financial, you will weave our firm's superior income-generation tactics into your investment strategy, proven to bolster your portfolio and maximize results.

3. Comprehensive Estate Plan

KPP Financial partners with Trust & Will to provide essential estate planning services to not only protect your assets but to have your wealth live on through future generations. 

Portfolio Review

Experience an in-depth analysis of your portfolio and pave the way to financial success. Take advantage of a complimentary portfolio review with one of our esteemed leadership team members. 


Simply fill out our portfolio review form, and a dedicated team member will promptly contact you to arrange a convenient virtual meeting. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into your investment strategy!

Our Leadership Team

Combined with over 80 years of experience, our leadership team works directly with clients to ensure quality and sound investments are being made on their behalf. 

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