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Investment Education

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InvestTalk Podcast

With over 50 million downloads, InvestTalk is also your anytime resource for learning about the complex variables affecting your ability to attain financial success. Whether dispensing tips like how to find a great stock or an explanation of more broadly-tailored financial planning strategies, InvestTalk consistently provides independent investment advice, free from bias or third-party propaganda.

InvestTalk Academy

InvestTalk Academy is an online financial education course created to provide its students with knowledge and resources to elevate their financial literacy. InvestTalk Academy aims to bridge the gap between the professional financial advisor and the public so that you can weave the tools we use everyday into your personal investment strategies to experience the same success we share with our clients. 

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InvestTalk Webinar

InvestTalk Webinars provide fresh perspectives on various subjects - from macroeconomics to stock charting. These complimentary lessons focus on finding companies to invest in and teaching investors to recognize potential financial pitfalls.

Office Hours

Office Hours provides subscribers with exclusive weekly hour long sessions filled with in-depth market analysis and live Q/A with KPP Financial's CEO and President: Justin Klein and Steve Peasley.  

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KPP Financial Premium Newsletter

Our Premium Newsletter provides leading insights straight from our leadership team, giving subscribers exclusive access to independent thought and economic analysis, delivered straight to their inbox.


We're life long learners. Gaining knowledge in the investment world is a never ending process. The more you learn the more you begin to understand what you don’t know. It’s not what you know that can hurt you but what you don’t know. Everyone started this journey of personal growth of financial knowledge somewhere and these books we selected help build on an ever-increasing foundation.