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Capital Preservation

Focused on investing in quality fixed-income securities to create steady yields, our stable income strategy emphasizes limiting interest rate risk for the more risk-averse investor. 

Stable Income

Steady Yield for the Risk Averse


About Our Stable Income Program

Using our extensive experience investing in the bond markets, we created the stable income strategy to provide clients an opportunity to invest in quality fixed-income securities with an emphasis on the safety of principal and income optimization. We accomplish these goals by using a bond ladder that limits the client’s exposure to interest rate risk. The Stable Income program will maintain a diversified allocation of liquid bond investments that will range in various yields, maturities and ratings. Although there may be an opportunity to trade a bond from time to time, we will primarily hold these securities to maturity.

Financial Planning and Analysis: 

Risk Questionnaire Score: 10-35
 100% Fixed Income | Low Volatility | Proprietary Quality Model
Accounts in this program are held and cleared through Charles Schwab. For more information about their account protection, visit Charles Schwab Institutional.

Fee Breakdown

$250,000 and Over       0.1875% of Assets Per Quarter

Note – Billing occurs at the end of each quarter. It is calculated using the market value on an accrual basis of your account(s). Accrual basis means that dividends and interest ‘earned’ but not yet ‘posted’ as paid are used to compute the billing. The billing is also based on cash flow meaning all additions and subjections of funds in the client’s account during the billing period are prorated base on the number of business days left in the billing quarter. It is also rounded off to the nearest dollar amount.

Unsure of What Type of Investor You Are?

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