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By becoming a client of KPP Financial, you will seamlessly incorporate our firm's exceptional income-generation tactics into your investment strategy, a proven approach that enhances your portfolio and optimizes outcomes.

What Makes Our Income-Generation Strategies So Superior?

KPP Financial goes against industry-standard tactics, using unique proven methods to produce exceptional results. We maximize your portfolio by delivering the following strategies:

Dynamic Fix Income

While most advisors place clients in bond funds,  KPP Financial buys individual bonds to target attractive risk vs yield opportunities. This helps meet a variety of financial goals: consistent income, balanced risks, asset growth, and managed asset diversity.  We additionally buy bonds with specific maturity dates to create the most optimal portfolio.  After buying, we diversify into a variety of issuers from various sectors. KPP Financial conducts a rare industry practice,  running every issuer through an equity analysis overlay to confirm they have strong cash flows, credit revolvers, and sustainable balance sheets to cover their debt issuance. Upon implementing our strategy, we hold bonds to maturity unless markets present opportunities to roll them into new higher-yielding issues.  This dynamic approach counters typical strategies used by other advisors, who lock their clients into illiquid private debt instruments or index-hugging bond funds. 



dividend investing


Dividend Investing Using Proprietary Stability + Growth Analysis

Investing for Dividend Income is more than simply finding companies with high current yields. To earn superior long-term returns, the company must consistently pay and grow that dividend over many years. In order to identify those names, it takes a diligent analysis of a company's stability, business strategy, and industry dynamics.  Too many novice investors and advisors fall into the trap of chasing yields, while we see dividend investing as not much different than Value Investing.  By focusing on shareholder value, KPP Financial delivers superior risk vs reward over other advisors, who must solely focus on dividend yield driven by their mandate. 

Covered Call Option Writing for Additional Yield + Downside Hedging

While many investors are familiar with the power of compounding when it comes to dividends and interest income, most are unfamiliar with how option premiums can supercharge their income streams and hedge their risk.  The market is filled with speculators that utilize options to bet on major movements in stocks with leverage using little capital, but unfortunately, very few are successful.  This means that it's possible to take advantage of their poor trades by taking the other side and selling them the options they want to buy, which is something few advisors know how to do.  This means we offer additional income-generation tools unmatched by most advisors, especially those who rely on illiquid insurance contracts to generate consistent income.



Portfolio Review

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