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Investment Strategy

We consult a number of different macroeconomic, microeconomic, and technical metrics on a daily basis to maintain an up-to-date market outlook. Our approach to market analysis is agile, capable of adapting to changing market dynamics and sentiment in a way that larger, more entrenched firms cannot match.

What Makes Our Approach So Different?


Technical Analysis

While most firms' investment processes are narrow in scope, we take a multipronged approach. Through chart reading, price trend and pattern analysis, and support and resistance identification, we finetune the portfolio allocation process to enter and exit positions at opportune times. This helps us rebalance portfolios so that entry and exit points are purposefully chosen, improving odds of long-term success. 

Macroeconomic Analysis

The macroeconomic environment is the primary driver of market trends, which makes it vital to remain on the pulse of both growth and inflation.  While most other firms fall victim to lagging behind the economic shifts and trends, KPP Financial's investment strategies move in tandem with the cycles of the market, utilizing leading economic indicators to identify assets that will help our clients' portfolios thrive.  

Microeconomic Analysis

Our value-based approach combines profitability analysis with growth trends to identify superior long-term assets with attractive risk vs reward dynamics.  This means we ignore the hype and invest our clients' assets in businesses with staying power and exceptional growth characteristics. While other advisors chase performance in order to fuel their marketing, we keep our feet firmly on the ground with a process rooted in the fundamentals.

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