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Through programs like parallel investing, fee transparency, and technology designed to give clients real-time access to their investments and performance, KPP holds itself accountable to investors by ensuring that our outcomes are aligned with those of our clients.

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Parallel Investing

Parallel Investing provides assurance that our investment decisions are free from conflicts of interest. This ensures that our clients share in our success, as they become our parallel investment partners.

Fee Transparency

As an independent registered investment advisory firm, we are dedicated to providing 100% fee transparency, free of high commission, hidden fees, and brokerage-backed products.

Real-Time Client Account Insights

We provide the best investment technology solutions to help our clients reach their financial goals and stay up-to-date on their current financial situation. 

Portfolio Review

Schedule a complimentary portfolio review with one of our leadership team members to determine your next steps.

Complete our portfolio review form and a team member will reach out to you shortly to schedule a time.