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Employer Plan Management

Welcome to KPP Financial's Employer Plan Management page.


401(k), 403(b), TSP, 401(a), 457s, 529s, and other retirement accounts typically represent a significant portion of an investor’s wealth. Surprisingly, many investors do not prioritize these accounts as they would their other assets, often leaving them without proper management. Studies have shown that having professional management of these accounts can generate, on average, 3% better performance each year, net of fees. To address this often-missed opportunity, we at KPP Financial, Inc., have implemented new tools to proactively manage, monitor, tailor, and trade these accounts on our clients’ behalf.

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How It Works

We have partnered with Pontera, a secure platform that allows us to manage your workplace retirement account where it is housed. After you connect your account, we will be able to view your investment options and begin analyzing and optimizing your portfolio based on your risk tolerance level, current market conditions, and fund quality. Before we make any changes to your account, we will reach out to you to discuss the investment process, your personal goals, and preferences, and what to expect moving forward. The client interface will not change, and you will log in, view, and interact with your account as usual. We do request that you do not make any adjustments to your allocation once it is set, as external adjustments will disrupt the integrity of the portfolio.


To meaningfully impact your account, we ask that your workplace retirement account always maintains at least a minimum of $50,000.

Getting Started

Check Your Email

Our team will email you an invitation link to connect your retirement account.

Select Your Financial Institution

You will select your current financial institution from an extensive list of industry partners. Then, enter the login credentials for your current financial institution.

Secure Your Account

To ensure that your advisor (KPP Financial, Inc.) can trade and manage your account without interruption, a unique forwarding phone number or secure email address will be added to your account. The phone number and email are generated for you alone. All communications from your financial institution are then routed to you directly through this email and/or phone number, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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