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Justin Klein and Steve Peasley invite you to listen to InvestTalk™ (and download its FREE podcasts) for unbiased analysis and market commentary.

Volatility has affected almost every sector of the market. The volatility is fueled by the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, inflation, and the Russia-Ukraine hostilities. Now, more than ever, serious investors should be implementing strategies that ensure their portfolio is balanced.   Justin and Steve are offering no cost PORTFOLIO REVIEWS via telephone or by 2-way video consultations using Skype or GoTo meetings.   Send a message to Justin or Steve through  Contact Us.

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Why You Should Stay Invested Even Though the S&P 500 Is Down Over 20% This Year

2022 is looking like one of the roughest ever for the stock market-- but market history offers a 'silver lining' story for long-term investors.


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Our official InvestTalk DOWNLOADS count crossed over the 45.8-million-mark Sunday night (10/2)! Justin and Steve thank all the loyal listeners and their friends who made this possible.

The InvestTalk podcast/radio program allows listeners to gain knowledge, exchange ideas, and stay current on relevant investment news. Justin Klein and Steve Peasley provide unbiased answers to listener questions weekdays during the LIVE Web stream and radio show.

Hundreds of additional questions come in from across America and around the world on the ANYTIME listener line: 888-99-CHART (888-992-4278). Your interaction makes InvestTalk better. Please leave your questions via voicemail or call the program to interact with Justin and Steve.

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Financial Podcasts Are Not Created Equally

By design, InvestTalk ignores the prevailing media hype and, instead, give listeners an unbiased appraisal of the investing marketplace. On every show, our registered investment advisors, Justin Klein and Steve Peasley, inform and educate with a skillfully blended mix of discerning market analysis—and answers to listener questions.

InvestTalk is a LIVE radio broadcast heard weekdays in the 4 - 5 PM hour PST on 'AM 1220' (KDOW) in the San Francisco Bay Area.  You can also listen online through—or subscribe to our FREE podcast downloads at: Google Play, iTunes or Spotify.

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Riskalyze is a cutting edge technology that pinpoints our clients’ acceptable level of risk with unparalleled accuracy. With Riskalyze, we can ensure that the risk in their portfolio aligns with their investment goals and expectations.

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FYI: In-market appointments are postponed until travel guidance directives permit a resumption of our meetings.  Currently, Steve's May trip has been canceled and a decision about June is on hold.

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Our weekly e-newsletter contains four informative sections and a brief video. The first section is a review of the important news events and economic statistics that impact the global markets. There is a section containing stock ideas, a section on portfolio management and finally, Consumer Watch, dedicated to protecting and informing the public.

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InvestTalk (TM) is a unique, dynamic, and highly topical financial news and strategy RESOURCE. The program is provided without cost and it is designed to inform and guide all serious investors—whether they are experienced or new to the process. InvestTalk is made possible by KPP Financial of Irvine, California.

On every radio broadcast and podcast, InvestTalk listeners discover practical investing techniques which are freely shared by KPP Principals Justin Klein and Steve Peasley. Their steady guidance is never influenced by bias or third-party propaganda; and their insight is essential because the complex variables of the market directly affect an investor’s ability to efficiently attain financial success.

How will you distinguish between good and bad stocks for YOUR portfolio? What is your acceptable "risk tolerance" at this point in your life? How can you better manage your 401(k) plan? What mix of blended investment strategies is best for YOU?

Your answers are waiting within each InvestTalk program. Listen online in our 24/7 podcast library (search Spotify, iTunes or Google Play), via LIVE stream each weekday (on, or over the air on the San Francisco Bay Area's KDOW "AM 1220" (in the 4 PM hour Pacific time).

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Weekly we send out educational content that will help you refine your investment knowledge and improve your decision making. You will receive things like the KPP Market Update & Forecast, Recorded Webinars, Watchlists, Chart Lessons and more.

Webinars & Conferences

These informational events cover various investment topics. The goal is to inform our listeners on a deeper level to help them grasp the concepts that will ensure lasting financial success.

InvestTalk Podcast

InvestTalk is a place to discover insights from Steve and Justin on the Radio or via Podcast. InvestTalk is also your anytime resource for learning about the complex variables affecting your ability to attain financial success. Whether dispensing tips like how to find a great stock or an explanation of more broadly-tailored financial planning strategies, InvestTalk consistently provides independent investment advice—which is never influenced by bias or third-party propaganda.

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A couple times a week Steve will give our listeners some insight into his thinking regarding various current market events and news. Check back frequently for commentary on current economic climate.

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Dynamic Growth

Flexible Management for Optimum Returns

This strategy employs KPP’s unique market expertise to navigate every market environment.

Balanced Income

Ideal Blend of Growth and Interest

By identifying undervalued assets, we accommodate investors who have a lower risk tolerance but desire some exposure to stock market growth.

Disciplined Equity

Focused Growth for Maximum Returns

Combining fundamental and technical analysis, our strategy filters through stocks based on business quality, chart strength and underlying value.

Equity Income+

Dividend Investing with a Boost

By adding consistent income from dividends and option premiums, we are able to create a moderately aggressive strategy.

Stable Income

Steady Yield for the Risk Averse

Using our extensive experience investing in the bond markets, we created this strategy to provide clients an opportunity to invest in quality fixed income securities with an emphasis on safety of principal and income optimization.

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The LEI had risen three months in a row until May. The report released yesterday showed a flat reading. Learn more in our blog post:

InvestTalk - Investment in Stock Market, Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Money Management Podcast : 04-09-19: Opinion: Wall Street Is Wrong, There Will Be An Earnings Recession This Year

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